What happens if we can’t agree on a divorce settlement?

Getting a divorce is highly emotional process for many people and has the potential to change every aspect of a person’s life. There are a lot of different things that need to be taken care of in a divorce such as the division of assets, child support, child custody, and a number of other factors. Of course, dividing a couple’s life into two separate lives going forward can be very difficult, frustrating, and emotional.

There are several options that a party has if they don’t resolve their divorce litigation. Some of it is set up within the time frame established by the court, and others are optional through the parties. If, for instance, parties do not resolve their issues at an early settlement panel, the court mandates that they go to economic mediation. Economic mediation is a process by which the parties appear before a mediator, and the mediator assists them in resolving those issues.

If that doesn’t happen, it’s reported to the court and one of two things can happen. Either you can go to trial or here in New Jersey, the courts have permitted litigants to attend binding arbitration. Of course, that costs additional money, but it is also a much quicker way to complete a divorce. Judges’ calendars are quite filled and they have, literally, hundreds of cases before them. When you go to arbitration, you have one person dealing with your facts, and they can complete the process, literally, within days. If you have any questions about divorce or family law matters, you should contact an experienced attorney who can provide you with assistance.

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