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Developing a comprehensive estate plan can be overwhelming to consider. What happens to your possessions after you pass should be in your control but thinking about that time can be emotional and too much to bear.  Drafting a will properly is an important step for everyone. Whether you are a person with great means or one of modest living, a will can help your family focus on healing after the inevitable and help you achieve your vision of what should happen to your assets. A will is a testamentary document declaring who should benefit from your estate. A will provides clear instructions for your family and establishes the person who you have chosen to execute your wishes, the executor. Taking the steps to secure a comprehensive estate plan is important. If you need a law firm to guide you through the process of drafting a valid will, contact The Radol Law Firm for a consultation.

Is a will important?

Drafting a will is very important. A will declares your wishes for your estate. Otherwise, a person who dies “intestate” (without a will) shall most likely leave the important decisions up to the state. Executing a will can help a person pass assets to heirs and loved ones and avoid family stress in times of mourning. Some of the assets that can pass include:

  • Bank accounts
  • Real Estate
  • Securities
  • Personal belongings

Even the smallest items can be allocated per your wishes and to whomever you choose. Preparing for the inevitable can be a major relief to you and the family you may leave behind.

What are requirements for drafting a valid will?

There are a few specific requirements to drafting a valid will in the state of New Jersey. A will must be in writing and signed by the subject. New Jersey law states that the will signing must be witnessed by at least 2 individuals. During the process, those individuals must be present and understand why they were asked to attend. Simply put, the witnesses must know that they are at a will signing. In addition, they must hear the subject proclaim that they are fully capable of understanding that they are signing a will. In many cases, the witnesses may have to sign documents declaring the satisfaction of these obligations. Once you have a valid will executed properly, you have a document that can be filed or probated.

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Drafting a will is one of many steps one should consider when planning an estate. What happens to your possessions after you pass should be up to you. With the guidance of an experienced estate planning attorney, you can secure your wishes for your possessions while relieving your family of undue stress, helping them focus on the important things. If you need an experienced law firm to help you develop a comprehensive estate plan, draft, and execute your will, contact The Radol Law Firm for a consultation today.