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Preparing for the future of your estate is an important step in one’s life. Through testamentary instruments, including wills, trusts, and healthcare directives, one can provide their loved ones with clear instructions for what should happen to oneself and one’s estate. No matter one’s economic status, we all have a vision of where our possessions will go. Without testamentary instruments, your estate will be allocated according to the state and that may be against your wishes. Developing a comprehensive estate plan is in the best interests of you and your family. In order to prepare for the future, contact The Radol Law Firm for a consultation.


Developing a comprehensive estate plan can be overwhelming to consider. What happens to your possessions after you pass should be in your control but thinking about that time can be emotional and too much to bear.  Drafting a will properly is an important step for everyone. Whether you are a person with great means or one of modest living, a will can help your family focus on healing after the inevitable and help you achieve your vision of what should happen to your assets. More


Preparing an estate is an important step for everyone. Through the proper execution of testamentary documents, including wills and trusts, a person can decide what happens to assets after he or she passes. Clear directions for an estate can save a family from undue stress and help them focus on healing after a loss. One testamentary document that can help one plan for the future is a trust. A trust is a way to manage assets of an estate before they are sent to probate. More


Probate is the process of passing assets and real property to heirs and beneficiaries. When a person passes, a will usually goes through probate court and the executor is responsible for making sure that the deceased wishes are followed. The probate process is a complicated one. More


Estate planning is important for everyone to consider, no matter one’s lifestyle. Executing a valid will can help you plan for the future of your assets instead of allowing the state to make the decision for you. Though it can be overwhelming to consider, what happens to your possessions after you pass should be your decision and The Radol Law Firm is here to help. One of the factors to consider when starting the process of estate planning is picking the person to be the executor of your will. More


When a person passes, they may leave assets to a person or entity of their choosing. In some cases, a person with an established estate plan will leave money and belongings to a loved one. In some other situations, a person may decide to leave assets to a charitable entity or organization in hopes of supporting a cause posthumous.  The person or entity that inherits under the provisions of a will is called a beneficiary. More