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Divorce involves highly emotional issues regarding personal property and child related matters. It is important to consult with an experienced Divorce Attorney who understands all aspects of divorce and has a background in finance. The Radol Law Firm works with New Jersey divorce and family law clients to provide creative solutions for separating couples and their families. Below are some pages that discuss some important factors often forgotten regarding divorce.

Bergen County Divorce Attorney with Extensive Financial Experience

With over 30 years of experience, The Radol Law Firm has extensive experience in accounting and business law, which provides a significant advantage in identifying, valuing, and dividing marital assets. Our firm is skilled at valuing businesses, retirement accounts, real estate, and other marital property.

In landmark litigation, Mr. Radol, the principal attorney, established the right of child support recipients to have interest added to their child support collection accounts. (Pryce v. Scharff.) In another important decision, Mr. Radol established the right of alimony recipients to attach estate proceeds to pay off overdue alimony. (Miko v. Miko.)

Mr. Radol has served as an Early Settlement Panelist for more than 20 years. He is appointed by the chief judges in Bergen County and Hudson County to mediate preliminary issues in divorces before they go to trial. This process usually leads to settlement and reduces the number of divorce trials.

When One Spouse Files for Bankruptcy

If your divorce involves a bankruptcy, you need an attorney to help you sort out the complex financial interactions. The Radol Law Firm is a team of experienced attorneys with extensive experience representing both individuals and businesses in bankruptcy proceedings.

When one party files for bankruptcy during a divorce, many problems are created for asset division and support. Your divorce settlement with your ex-spouse will not alter the terms of your loans or credit obligations and, if your spouse files a bankruptcy, an already difficult financial situation will become even more complicated.

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The Radol Law Firm strives to reach a workable settlement that will save you the stress and expense of a trial. We bring extensive business and accounting experience to the conference table. If we cannot achieve a fair settlement, we are prepared to aggressively proceed to trial. Contact our Bergen County divorce attorneys to schedule an initial consultation.