Bergen County Mediation Attorney

Mediation Services for New Jersey Families

Many couples facing divorce or unresolved family law matters are turning towards mediation. The popularity of this alternative dispute resolution method stems from the benefits of avoiding litigation. Mediation helps a couple retain control over their future, save money and time, and work through their issues in a constructive manner through confidential negotiations. Through mediation, some couples with children are able to forge a new relationship based on mutual respect that benefits the future of their family. Our firm is honored to provide NJ clients with mediation services that ensure a fair and just end to family law issues, including divorce matters and post-divorce legal issues. If you are interested in the mediation process or need to hire a mediator to help you come to an amicable conclusion, contact The Radol Law Firm for a consultation.

What is Mediation

Mediation is a popular way for a couple to divorce and separate. If a couple can come to terms outside of court, they can save time and money while deciding on factors for themselves. If a couple believes that they can set aside their emotions and address contested marital issues, mediation may be a good option for them. Through mediation, a couple can address issues, including alimony, property distribution, relocation, child support, child custody and visitation, and more. As more people realize the financial and emotional impact of a divorce case, mediation is quickly gaining traction. More

Benefits of Mediation

Compared with a litigated divorce, mediation is extremely beneficial to all parties. A court case can involve financial probes, overwhelming legal fees, a lengthy process, and the potential for a devastating emotional impact on the children of the divorcing couple. Resolving family law matters, especially divorce, can be complicated. If a couple can set aside emotions and agree on family law matters, they are often happier with the results. More