Types of Bankruptcy

Bergen County Bankruptcy Attorney

Types of New Jersey Bankruptcy Cases

Many people can find themselves in a dire financial situation. Families, individuals, and businesses face the reality that mounting bills and debt are too overwhelming to overcome. Though many shy away from the idea of bankruptcy, it is a way to get back on track and become financially stable again. Though it has its effects, bankruptcy can help a person work to regain good credit and a business work to recover and make a profit again. Bankruptcy can help to escape unmanageable debt, creditor harassment, save homes from foreclosure, and reorganize or eliminate debt to prevent businesses from collapse. If you believe that bankruptcy might be right for you, contact The Radol Law Firm for a consultation.

Get Legal Advice to Help You Make the Right Choices

Bankruptcy can provide necessary debt relief for individuals, families, and businesses. Consulting with an attorney can help one understand their legal options on the road to recovery. The Radol Law Firm has more than 30 years of experience serving clients as they recover financially. Our legal team will carefully analyze your financial situation and recommend specific alternatives for debt relief. Depending on your circumstances, there are a number of bankruptcy options available, including:

Hire a New Jersey Bankruptcy Attorney Who Can Do the Entire Job

Many attorneys seem to have chosen bankruptcy as a way to make a living by filing paperwork without ever having to appear in court. The Radol Law Firm is able and willing to appear in court when the circumstances demand it. We have the skill and experience to advocate for our clients in any forum including creditors’ meetings, bankruptcy mediation, mortgage mediation, bankruptcy court, and U.S. District Court. If you need an effective team for legal advice or to help you through the bankruptcy process, contact The Radol Law Firm for a consultation to discuss your bankruptcy options.