Divorce Evaluations

Divorce Evaluations

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During especially contentious divorce proceedings involving children, your attorney may tell you that the courts will order certain medical or psychological testing for you, your spouse or your children to determine the best course of action regarding child custody. This is a very thorny area of custody disputes but it might decide the outcome of your custody agreement so be sure to take it seriously. It is important to have representation when faced with this legal matter. To schedule an initial consultation, contact The Radol Law Firm.

What Does the Evaluator Need to Know?

You should understand that court-ordered examinations are not confidential. The evaluator might request certain of your past records, such as your medical records or therapy records if you have seen a therapist. It is up to you whether to allow the evaluator access to these or not. If the records would reveal that you have previously experienced, for example, suicidal ideation that you only disclosed in therapy, then you might not want to release these records because you don’t want the evaluator to know that. However, the evaluator might feel you are hiding something if you do not execute the required releases. This is a tricky question that you will have to decide when the time comes. Consult with an attorney to discuss any potential issues that might come up beforehand.

What About Psychological Testing?

In some cases, the court might order one or both spouses to undergo psychological tests such as the MMPI-2, the MCMI-II, or Sentence Completion. Do not try to overanalyze or “game” these tests by answering the way you think they want you to. Answer according to your honest feeling or belief. Trying to elevate your answers so that they only paint you in an unrealistically positive light will be obvious and the evaluator will notice. Your children might undergo testing as well, such as the Bricklin Perceptual Scales and the Perception of Relationships Test. As above, do not try to manipulate your children into answering a certain way or it will be detected. However, it is a good idea to make sure your children are well-rested and healthy when undergoing the evaluation.

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The divorce process comes with many variables that can impact one’s future. It is important to know what is on the road ahead. Developing an effective legal strategy early can make a huge difference to one’s mindset when facing this complicated matter. For more information on what you can expect during divorce proceedings, contact The Radol Law Firm for an initial consultation.