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The Radol Law Firm of Englewood, New Jersey has handled divorce cases in Bergen County and throughout New Jersey for over 30 years. Divorce is a highly challenging area of law due to the complex legal and emotional issues involved. Consequently, whether you are the spouse filing for divorce or the spouse responding to a divorce action, it is critical that you have an experienced domestic relations lawyer on your side to protect your rights and future. To discuss your legal matter, contact The Radol Law Firm for a consultation.

Divorce Negotiation & Settlement

Because of the expense and the relationships with children which are often involved, our lawyer’s primary goal is to get our clients through the divorce process as efficiently as possible, given the particular circumstances of the client. The Radol Law Firm recognizes the importance of alternative dispute resolution and encourages our clients to explore alternatives to litigation whenever possible.

Although an attempt will always be made to resolve a divorce through settlement, we also recognize that in many cases, divorcing spouses simply cannot agree on the terms of their divorce. Fortunately, the Courts of New Jersey have established a system of mediation which helps litigants with assistance in resolving child custody and time-sharing disputes.  This helps parents to resolve their issues without the high costs involved in child custody litigation.

Early Settlement Panel

Another method by which the Courts of New Jersey assist litigants during divorce is by permitting them to present their financial differences before a team of experienced attorneys at an Early Settlement Panel.  In many cases, divorces are resolved as the result of attending an Early Settlement Panel.  If the litigants are still unable to arrive at a resolution of their differences, they are then mandated to attend Economic Mediation with an experienced attorney trained to resolve the matter.

Arbitration and Mediation

Unlike many other states, New Jersey parties may choose to go to arbitration.  Arbitration and mediation are different.  In mediation, the mediator attempts to assist the parties at agreeing on a resolution.  In arbitration, after the parties and their attorneys present their claims, the arbiter writes a decision which is binding upon both parties. In New Jersey, many retired former Family Court Judges are available for arbitration and divorcing couples regularly find success in the process.

Divorce Trials in Bergen County

At times, litigants cannot resolve their disputes. As a consequence, these cases must go to trial. In such cases, the Radol Law Firm has the experience necessary to effectively pursue our clients’ interests in the courtroom. We believe that a party to a divorce can only be effectively represented if they are constantly informed of the progress of their divorce, have quick and easy access to advice and information, and are included as a working part of the divorce process. As a result, our communications with clients, the depth at which our clients are informed, and the overall quality of our relationships with our clients is something in which our lawyers take great pride.

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