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adult-1868015-1Considering Your “Needs Hierarchy” During Your Divorce

There are many approaches to an equitable division of expenses (or liabilities) as one moves through the divorce process. One approach you and your Englewood family divorce lawyer may find helpful is a “needs hierarchy.” Having the right mindset when facing divorce is in your best interests. It is important to know the road ahead and prioritize your needs in order to develop a comprehensive strategy for the future that is cost-efficient. If you need quality legal support through the divorce process, contact an experienced divorce attorney at the Radol Law Firm for an initial consultation.

How does the hierarchy work?

When insufficient resources are available to cover ongoing expenses, a priority list or a needs hierarchy is established, such as this:

  • People
  • Possessions
  • Credit rating

What are “people” considerations?

The physical, emotional, educational, medical, and mental condition of all parties, including the children, should be protected first. Food, shelter, and clothing (the essentials of life) come before any other consideration.

What are “possessions” considerations?

The protection of possessions comes after the protection of people. These expenditures include payments on the home mortgage and vehicles.

What are “credit rating” considerations?

The lowest level in the hierarchy is unsecured creditors. The majority of entries in this category are normally credit cards.

How to establish a “Needs Hierarchy.”

This is the real challenge your lawyer will face. Those who pride themselves on paying bills on time will be reticent to anything less. Some necessary decisions can have very real negative impacts, and the different tiers of the hierarchy are not always easily defined. If the ex-husband does not make his car payment because it is lower on the needs hierarchy, his car may be repossessed. If his car is repossessed and he cannot get to work, how can the ex-husband earn enough money to provide for the higher priorities on the hierarchy list, such as food and housing? There are no simple answers and the full impact of each decision must be explored.

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