Do you need to file for bankruptcy?

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How Bankruptcy Attorneys Determine If Clients Need to File for Bankruptcy

Deciding whether or not you need to file for bankruptcy can be a very difficult decision and presents serious repercussions for your future. Consult a knowledgeable attorney in order to determine if bankruptcy is the right option for you and to ensure that you proceed through this process with no missteps. If you need a consultation with an experienced attorney, contact The Radol Law Firm.

Storm Alert: Levels of Immediacy

In order to decide if your case requires immediate attention or perhaps some preliminary steps, speak with a qualified bankruptcy attorney who can look over your finances and provide you with good advice. He or she will make a note of your debts, lawsuits, wage issues and any other financial problems you have incurred. When determining what avenue to take with your financial problems, consider these three levels of immediacy and the options they present to you and your attorney for review.

  • Level One: You may have been out of work for a few weeks, don’t have much in the way of savings and are starting to choose between bills you can pay and those you can’t. At this level, you may be dealing with a lack of health insurance and receiving phone calls from creditors. It’s time to think about filing for bankruptcy, but first, do your best to negotiate with the creditors and cut back on your expenses with the right legal support.
  • Level Two: You have been out of work for three or more months and the bills are starting to pile up. Perhaps you owe taxes, have medical bills, are building up other debts you can’t pay and are turning to new credit cards to pay for your old ones. It’s definitely time to file for bankruptcy.
  • Level Three: You’re at the end of your unemployment benefits, you cannot pay any debts and any wages are being garnished. Your home is being foreclosed on and your car has been repossessed. Bankruptcy can’t wait another minute.

Contact An Englewood Bankruptcy Attorney

Don’t wait around for level one to escalate to level three. If caught early enough, you can work with your bankruptcy attorney to salvage what you can of your credit by filing for bankruptcy early. Having the right legal support through this legal matter is imperative. Our firm understands how stressful and uncertain future can be. If you need effective and compassionate legal support, contact The Radol Law Firm to schedule a consultation and receive quality assistance with your bankruptcy needs.