Should married couples have power of attorney?

When a couple is married, they have to make important decisions together on a somewhat regular basis. That being said, sometimes, the couple is physically far away from one another for long periods of time due to work or other important responsibilities. In these situations, it may be a good idea for the spouses to obtain power of attorney for one another, especially if they know that they have an important legal or financial matter that will soon need to be addressed.

Of course, giving another person the power to act on your behalf and can be somewhat daunting. There are two types of power of attorney, specialized and general. A general power of attorney allows the other individual to act on behalf of the other party for any legal, financial, business, or any other matter that requires a signature. However, there may be cases where the entity that requires the signature may request that the couple obtains a special power of attorney because they know that there are sometimes unfortunate situations where this power is abused. An example of when a special power of attorney may be required is for purchasing or selling real estate.

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