How long does it take to get divorced?

One of the first questions people beginning the divorce process typically ask is regarding how long it will take for the divorce to be finalized. Unfortunately, there is no blanket answer that applies to everyone’s situation. Divorces are truly unique in the way that all relationships are unique. Some divorces can be over very quickly while others can take longer than a year. Of course, it all depends on the couple themselves and the circumstances that surround their divorce. Some of the factors that contribute to the length of a divorce include:

  • Whether the couple had a prenuptial agreement in place, which can help expedite the divorce process
  • Whether the couple has children together because if they do, they will have to address additional matters such as custody and child support
  • Whether the couple is willing to make compromises regarding contested matters
  • The number of contested matters that have to be addressed
  • The type of divorce that the couple is getting. Mediated divorces often take less time than litigated divorces because they don’t have to rely on court dates and can go on their own schedule

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