Can divorces be mediated?

Many times, couples decide to get divorced, and they know what they want but they don’t know how to resolve all of their issues. However, what they do know is that they don’t want to go to court and fight about it. Getting a divorce in court has a tendency to create a more hostile situation and the tarnished relationship may only get worse by the end of it. There may not always be an opportunity to try and talk through the issues in a peaceful manner.

In order to avoid going to court and use a method of alternative dispute resolution, a couple may want to consider mediation as a means of divorce. Many people use mediation as a way to take control over their divorce. You and your spouse can sit in a conference room and make the decisions about your future instead of having a judge decide for you. Additionally, mediation is usually less expensive and takes less time than a traditional litigated divorce.

In New Jersey, you have the right to go to a person who has been trained as a mediator and discuss and resolve those issues, but it doesn’t end just there. Once you resolve those issues, you still have the right to go to an attorney and have them reviewed by an attorney, and you should do that so that you feel comfortable with what your decisions have been.

However, mediation is not for everybody. Some couples just can’t work together to make these decisions. If you have questions about what type of divorce may be right for you, speak with an experienced attorney.

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