New Jersey Divorce Mediation Services

Divorces are complicated, emotional, lengthy, and expensive. No one wants to be involved in divorce but nearly 50 percent of all marriages do end in this way. One of the ways that can make a divorce quicker, less expensive, and all around easier given the circumstances is by getting divorced through mediation. There are many benefits to mediation, most of which contribute to its increasing popularity in New Jersey.

During the divorce mediation process, the couple will meet in a conference room-like setting with their respective attorneys and a neutral third party who is known as the mediator. A mediator will sit down with both sides and facilitate constructive discussions regarding the contested matters of the divorce. These matters often include the division of marital assets, child support, child custody, and spousal support.

Some of the benefits that couples may appreciate when they choose mediation include the following:

  1. The couple is often able to save significant time and money
  2. The couple is able to conduct matters out of the courtroom
  3. The couple can make decisions for themselves instead of having a court decide for them

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