Enforcing a New Jersey Court Order

When former spouses in New Jersey find themselves unable to resolve a matter, they often have to request that the court decides on their behalf. Any decision that the court makes is legally binding and requires all parties involved to follow the ruling. When an individual fails to abide by a court order, they may find themselves in significant legal trouble. Often, courts will issue orders regarding matters of spousal support, child support, child custody, child visitation, and the division of marital property.

Despite the fact that court orders are legally binding, some people still occasionally fail to follow them. When this happens, the other party may wonder how they can make the individual stop violating the order. First, they must try to resolve the matters on their own. They may also wish to request help from a family law attorney. If these efforts are unsuccessful, it may be time to request intervention from the court. An individual can do this by filing a motion to Enforce Litigant’s Rights. The individual who is accused of violating a court order has the opportunity to give a valid reason for not following it. If they cannot provide a good answer, the court may punish them.

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