Modifying Child Support in New Jersey

If you are a parent, child support is one of the most important aspects of your divorce. Though it would be nice to put the divorce behind you forever, the fact is, as life changes, your financial situation will also change. This is why many parents request a modification in child support payments in the months or years following their divorce. If you are in this situation, here are some of the questions you may have:

How do New Jersey courts calculate child support?

The court’s primary concern when determining child support is ensuring your child is as unaffected financially by your divorce as possible. Courts will consider the following when making their decision:

  • The age of your child
  • Whether your child will pursue a higher education
  • You and your former spouse’s yearly income
  • You and your former spouse’s current marital status
  • Your child custody terms
  • The number of children in your household
  • Whether your child has special needs
  • Whether you or your former spouse has significant medical bills he or she needs to pay

What are grounds to request a child support modification?

Our children’s needs change as they grow older, just as parents’ situations change as time goes by. This is why many parents will request a modification to their child support terms. You may seek a change made to your child support agreement for any of the following reasons:

  • Either you or your former spouse has lost their job, or, on the flip side, received a promotion
  • Either parent has recently lost their home or has experienced a significant and sudden increase to their cost of living
  • One of the parents has recently suffered an injury or developed a medical condition that comes with hefty medical bills
  • There has been a significant change in the federal income tax law
  • One of the former spouses either remarries or cohabitates with another person, thereby eliminating the need for an extra paycheck

How do I change the terms of my child support agreement?

The first thing you should do is hire an experienced, compassionate attorney who is ready to help. From here, your attorney will file a motion to request a child support modification. Your attorney must gather and present sufficient evidence to prove that you truly need the adjustment. This is not always easy, so you must ensure you hire an attorney you can trust. Our firm is here to help.

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