Impacts of Social Media on NJ Lawsuits

When an individual in New Jersey is involved in a lawsuit for any number of reasons, it is important that they take a few precautions on their social media profiles. Whether we as a society want to admit it or not, social media has a tremendous impact on many aspects of our lives. It is so important to be careful of social media use during a lawsuit because it is so easy to misinterpret a post or take it out of context, which can effectively ruin a case in some extreme situations. When it comes to social media, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Here are a few examples of the ways that social media can negatively impact a lawsuit:

Bankruptcy–  In a bankruptcy, it is important not to post anything on social media about one’s financial situation, including any trips they may take, any lavish gifts that have been given or received, or anything else that would give the indication of having access to additional funds. Bankruptcy fraud is a felony and may result in significant fines or years of jail time.

Custody– If there are any social media posts that may indicate an individual is unfit to parent, it may have an impact on the child custody arrangement that is in the process of being litigated.

Divorce– It is important not to badmouth a future ex-spouse, their attorney, or the judge on social media during a divorce case because it may impact the outcome of the case in favor of the other party.

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