Englewood NJ High Net Worth Divorces

When a couple in New Jersey feels as though it may be time to end their marriage, one of the aspects that come into play very heavily is their financial situation. Many couples in Bergen County have a high net worth, meaning that their combined assets and finances are worth over one million dollars. Often, high net worth divorces are much more complicated than other divorces are because the couple has more investments, assets, and real estate properties that need to be divided in the equitable distribution process. In a lot of situations, the process of dividing assets is contested because neither party wants to part with their belongings.

Some of the matters that a high net worth couple may have to address include the following:

  • Extensive investments, such as investment properties, stocks, and bonds
  • Complicated tax structures
  • Multiple real estate properties that vary in location and value
  • Complex business arrangements that may include deferred compensation, stock options, and business partnerships
  • Business ownership
  • Comprehensive retirement plans that may include benefits, 401k’s, and pensions

If a forensic accountant gets involved, the couple may actually be exposed to additional legal problems, even some that may involve the IRS. If you have questions about divorce in New Jersey, contact our firm today.

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