What if I don’t know the value of my assets in divorce?

One common issue that is frequently seen in divorces across New Jersey is that one spouse primarily takes care of the financial matters while the other spouse doesn’t know very much of anything related to them. This can become a problem because in these situations, the spouse often has no idea what the value of their assets are. Luckily, this problem can be solved during the discovery process. Discovery allows one either party to request information that is relevant to their case. This can include financial statements, the value of assets, and more. Some of the other information that the party may request includes:

  • tax information for the last several years
  • copies of all documents related to the other spouse’s business, if applicable
  • information about the estate
  • information regarding income and expenses

Some individuals may be concerned that their spouse will refuse to provide them with necessary information during the discovery process. If they do, the Court can require the other side to provide it. If they still refuse, they may be held in contempt of court. It is important that any information provided is truthful and accurate. If one party believes their spouse is lying about the assets, they may require a forensic accountant to investigate on their behalf. If you have questions about the discovery process, contact our firm today.

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