What should I know about meeting with a child custody case evaluator?

Child custody is a very emotional and complicated part of any divorce. In some divorces, the court will assign a case evaluator to help them determine what the best custody arrangement is. There are a few things that parents should keep in mind when they are undergoing child custody evaluations.

  • It is important not to bash the child’s other parent. No, you don’t have to like them or say great things about them but it is important to focus on your strengths as a parent instead of bringing the other parent down. For example, talk about how you provide the child with a healthy and safe environment. Discuss how you are able to keep the child’s life moving in a positive direction and that you can provide them with a stable home, school, and social life.
  • Parents undergoing evaluation should be sure to let the record speak for itself. For example, the court will know if the other parent has a history of criminal behavior or substance abuse. Therefore, while the other parent can mention it to the evaluator, it is important not to be too aggressive or repetitive about it because it can make you look bad.
  • Recognize that the child should have the opportunity to have a positive relationship with the other parent. Let the evaluator know that you are willing to work with the other parent to make visitation plans and follow through with them or your willingness to share custody.

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