Why do contested divorces need litigation?

Once a contested divorce is filed for, spouses may have to attend court sessions to have decisions made for their marital issues. This can be a tough process. It is hard to put your future in the hands of someone else. When decisions are made in contested divorces, you may not have much input on the matter. For some people, this can be nerve-wracking since they are not in control. For these divorces, litigation can be a necessary part. It is needed for a judge to make decisions for the couple. These decisions are focused on marital issues. These issues can involve alimony, the division of assets, child custody arrangements and child support.

If spouses want to have more control over these matters, they should try to undergo an uncontested divorce instead. Through this process, they can enter mediation and make decisions together. This will not involve a judge. Instead, a neutral third party will serve as a mediator. This third party does not make decisions for the couple as a judge would. The couple is supposed to cooperate with one another in order to reach compromises on issues. This can create a plan for the future of their support structure for the kids and other aspects of their divorce.

When can modifications be made?

Since marital issues are decided on at the time of divorce, it can be hard for these plans to remain constant as the years go by. As circumstances change, spouses may realize that they need to change their plans. This is allowed to be done. Modifications can be made to marital issues to better fit spouses’ changing lives. When modifications are to be made, spouses can file a motion with the court to bring the case in front of a judge. This can give them the chance to change their issue, which may be desperately needed. When these matters involve the children, it can have an even greater importance. If children are experiencing behavioral problems due to a current custody arrangement, it may be beneficial to have this arrangement changed to improve the child’s behavior and overall happiness. For these cases, it can be beneficial for parents to seek a different arrangement.

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