What are the Different Types of Adoption in New Jersey?

Adopting a child is one of the most wholesome, fulfilling things a parent can do. There is something so special about taking in a child in need and providing them with the love and guidance they deserve. However, the adoption process is document-heavy and can be quite complicated. If you wish to adopt a child, you may be wondering if there is more than one type or route of adoption. Here is a list of the different types of adoption available in New Jersey:

  • Domestic adoption: A domestic adoption is when a family who lives in the United States adopts a child who was born in the United States. More recently, people have been reaching open domestic adoption agreements, as these are generally better for the child’s mental health. In an open adoption, the child may have ongoing contact with his or her biological parents.
  • International or Intercountry adoption: This is when you adopt a child who was not born in the United States and is living in another country. This is usually a more involved process than domestic adoption, and you may need to do a lot of traveling.
  • Private adoption: Private adoption is when you either adopt a child you already know or are adopting through the child’s biological parent. You will generally not have to go through an adoption agency when you take this route.
  • Step-parent adoption: If a step-parent gets permission from a child’s non-custodial parent or the biological parent’s parental rights are terminated, a step-parent may adopt his or her stepchild. Parental rights are usually only terminated if there is evidence of abuse or neglect.
  • LGBT adoption: In the state of New Jersey, members of the LGBT community are allowed to adopt a child. 
  • Second-parent adoption: A same-sex parent may adopt his or her biological or adoptive child without terminating the first parent’s legal status as a parent
  • Adult adoption: Adult adoption is generally executed between two or more adults, and its main purpose is usually to transfer inheritance rights or filiation.

Adoption is exciting for both you and your child-to-be, however, it can be a complicated process, especially if you are adopting a child from another country. When you adopt a child, you may be required to participate in training courses, home inspections, reference checks, home visits, interviews and more. This is why it is so important you hire an experienced and trustworthy attorney who will help ensure everything goes smoothly. 

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