How long is a person obligated to pay alimony?

In many divorces, the court orders that one party to provide the other with spousal support for a period of time after the divorce has been finalized. A lot of the time, it is the more monied spouse who is required to provide the less monied spouse with alimony in an effort to allow them to continue living the same quality of life that they did before the divorce. Of course, all divorces are different and therefore, they may have a different obligation length to make spousal support payments.

Open durational alimony is reserved for those who have been married for upwards of 20 years. On the contrary, limited duration alimony is for those couples that had marriages lasting less than 20 years. The difference here is that open durational alimony awards do not have a set end date or obligation period at the time they are ordered. Due to the fact that open durational alimony awards replaced the permanent alimony option, the person who is obligated to make these payments will have to do so until there is a significant change in circumstance. However, with limited duration alimony, the court will determine a time in which the obligation to make payments will be terminated. This is also true for reimbursement alimony and rehabilitative alimony.

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