Who attends mediation sessions?

Mediation is a process that is used for different aspects of life. It can be used to solve legal troubles between two or more parties to come to a final resolution. Through this process, the parties meet with a neutral third party mediator. This mediator does not make decisions for the parties, but rather acts as a catalyst for conversation. The mediator helps to aid the process by guiding the conversation to be productive and accomplish the main goal. Not only is this process used for businesses, but mediation can also be used to reach decisions for divorces. Through divorce mediation, couples can talk about marital issues and decide on legal issues together.

Divorce mediation allows both spouses to meet with the mediator and their trusted attorneys. They can use their attorneys during this process to help them with their mediation sessions. The attorney can prove to be useful if spouses tend to get emotional during this rough time.

How else are decisions made?

If a couple cannot decide on marital issues in divorce mediation, they may have to enter into litigation. Through litigation, a judge can make decisions for them. The judge will take into account many aspects to make proper decisions for the family. If children are involved in the marriage and the divorce, the judge will rule with the best interests of the child in mind. They try to put the child’s well-being first to make sure they are a main priority.

Can I end mediation?

Mediation can be ended at any time during the process. Since it encourages spouses to work together, it may not always work out. If couples are unable to work together, it may prove to be ineffective. However, litigation will be able to decide on important issues for them. Mediation is not for everyone since it requires both parties to cooperate and work together to reach compromises. If you are unhappy with the decisions that are being reached in mediation, you have the opportunity to end the process as well. This process can only prove to be effective if there is productive conversation toward reaching decisions on marital issues.

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