Who has physical custody of a child after divorce?

After divorce proceedings, decisions will be made about the parents’ involvement in the children’s lives. Child custody arrangements are made to determine who will be given physical custody of a child after divorce is finalized. When physical custody is decided, it depends on a case by case basis. The lives of both parents will be considered to determine if the parents can support the children and how much custody rights are bestowed upon them. Their relationship with their child will be taken into account to see how much parenting time they will spend with the child. Physical custody is given to the custodial parent. As a custodial parent, you will have the child reside in your home. This means that the child will call your house their home. Because of this, they will spend most of their time in that residence and with you.

How does legal custody play a role?

Even if parents are not granted physical custody of their child, they have the opportunity to fight for legal custody of the child. With legal custody, a parent has the ability to make important decisions for the child regarding their life and what is best for them. These decisions can focus on religion, medical treatment, education and much more. By maintaining this level of power, parents can still be involved in major decisions in a child’s life. They will not be totally out of the loop. These parents want to ensure that their children are getting the best education possible and medical treatment for their health. They may have a specific religion that they follow and want to raise their child the same way. With legal custody, they are able to do so.

Can I have both forms of custody?

Some parents may be given physical and legal custody of a child. This can give them more power than the other parent. With this role, they legally have many more responsibilities to carry out. They should always focus on the best interests of the child to ensure their well-being. The child’s temperament should also be monitored. Divorce can be a difficult time for children as well. Their lives change due to custody arrangements and they may not cope well with so many new changes.

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