What role does a custodial parent have?

As a custodial parent, parents are granted physical custody of their child after divorce. With this in place, the child is expected to reside with this parent most of the time. They will spend more of their time with the custodial parent as opposed to their other parent. Based on the custody arrangement, the child may also get to visit their other parent and stay in their home for a few days. However, wherever the custodial parent lives is the child’s main residence. Since the custodial parent is the one who will spend more time with the child, they may be paid child support by the other parent to support the child’s living standards. The custodial parent is expected to provide daily needs that the child will need. This can include meals, clothes and much more. Since these items can add up, child support may be decided upon to assist with the cost.

How is legal custody involved?

Legal custody gives parents the right to make important decisions for the child. This can include the child’s practiced religion, education, medical history and more. When a parent is in control of these decisions, they are still able to be involved in their child’s life. Parents may not be granted physical custody of the child, but they can still be granted legal custody. Through legal custody, parents can have control over their child’s well-being and general welfare.

Can custody arrangements be changed in the future?

Child custody arrangements are made upon divorce but can be changed in the future. Since the current circumstances are considered when making original child custody arrangements, changes to the child’s life or parent’s life may call for a change in the future. Parents can be deemed unfit due to various reasons that can cause them unable to care for the child. This can lead to a custody modification. If your former spouse is not adhering to the custody arrangements that were set forth, you can file a motion with the court. The court can investigate the matter and make their final decision. When a child is involved, their health and safety is the main focus. If the child is put into circumstances that cause a negative change in behavior, this can warrant a change to the custody arrangement.

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