What marital issues can modifications be made to?

Marital issues are decided on during the divorce process. These issues can include the division of assets, alimony, child support and child custody arrangements. Whether these issues are resolved in mediation or in litigation, they may be revisited to have modifications made in the future. Since no one can tell what will happen in the future, it can be convenient to have the opportunity for changes to be made. Certain factors can have a huge influence on these issues that require changes to be made. These factors can warrant any change to any marital issues whether it is child support or alimony. As spouses continue on with their lives, many changes can occur. These changes may directly affect their marital issues. For example, if a spouse cohabitates with another significant other in the future, they may not be warranted alimony anymore. Another example can be the relocation of a spouse. This may create a change in the child custody arrangements.

How are marital issues decided on?

The divorce process is used to resolve marital issues for spouses before they part ways. If a couple enters into an uncontested divorce, they can talk about these issues in mediation sessions. During these sessions, they will be encouraged to work together to come to an agreed upon decision for each issue. A mediator will be present to facilitate the process. Also, couples can have their own attorneys present. This may be able to help keep things civil between the spouses. If their divorce is a respectful one that does not involve turmoil, this may be the easiest way for the couple to make decisions. If a divorce is contested, the couple may have to enter into litigation. During litigation, their case will be presented to a judge. This judge will make decisions on marital issues for the couple. The judge will take many factors into consideration for each issue. For example, the custody arrangements can consider who the primary caretaker would be. These arrangements can directly relate to child support. Judges will take into consideration the amount of money that each parent will be spending on the child on a regular basis. The custodial parent may be given child support payments to financially support the child on a regular basis.

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