Undue Influence in a Will

People create wills at different stages of life. Some people create one at an early age and revise it over time. Others wait until they are closer to the end of their life to start the process. Sometimes when a person makes a will, they are unfairly influenced by another person.

When a loved one passes away, it is an emotional time for the family. When a will is contested, a stressful time can become overwhelming. One of the most common reasons to contest a will is because of undue influence in the creation of a will. If the person did not have the capacity to make clear and rational decisions at the time they created the will and the contents reveal a significant deviation in favor of another person, the subject of the will may have been influenced to make a decision that was out of character. If a person is not in the right state of mind or no longer has the capacity to make decisions as they normally would, the will may be compromised.

Putting together a strong case to protect the true wishes of your loved one can help bring solace during difficult times. In New Jersey, the statute of limitations is very short for these cases. Acting swiftly is in your best interests. It is important that you obtain an experienced estate litigation attorney who can help you prove your case.

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