How is child custody decided in New Jersey?

How is child custody decided in New Jersey?

When a couple that is getting divorced has children together, one of the issues that will have to be addressed in the divorce is custody. Custody matters are some of the most emotional parts of a divorce and if contested, can result in a very difficult custody battle. In New Jersey, there are a number of factors taken into consideration when making a decision on custody. The court will consider a wide variety of factors related to each parent and the child or children.

As far as matters related to the parents go, the court will need to decide which parent has the child’s best interests at heart. When it comes to making decisions about custody, the court will consider factors including:

  • The relationship between each parent and the child
  • The financial stability of each parent
  • The ability of each parent to provide a stable home life
  • The parents’ history of domestic abuse or substance abuse
  • The parents’ ability to care for the specialized needs of the child
  • The child’s preferences if they are old enough and mature enough to make educated decisions

Clearly, there are many things that the court will need to assess before they can make an appropriate decision on which parent should be the custodial parent. In some cases, where one parent is deemed “unfit” to parent, the decision is easy. However, when both parents are totally capable of providing the child with the appropriate care, the court may have a difficult time with this matter. If you need legal assistance for a custody matter, contact our firm today.

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