Can I bring legal action if my spouse cuts me off financially?

During a marriage, it is very common to see that one spouse makes significantly more money than another spouse and supports the family with that income. The other spouse may not have to have an income because one is enough, or they have an income but it is not enough to support themselves. This is perfectly fine in a marriage that is not heading towards divorce, but if it starts to head that way, it can end very badly. The more-monied spouse has significantly more control because as the saying goes, money is power. Unfortunately, many more-monied spouses will cut off their spouse financially if the relationship suffers. This can be a serious source of stress for the spouse who doesn’t have as much income and they may feel trapped in their marriage.

When a spouse cuts another off financially, their attorney must file a motion for Pendente Lite Support. This motion will ask the court to resolve the problem and will set forth the weekly amounts that the party may need to pay the mortgage, the utilities, the auto, and the day to day expenses, such as food shopping and medications. The court will enter what is referred to as a Pendente Lite Order, and this order will be effective until the parties reach an agreement, which is later incorporated into the final judgment for divorce.

If you have been cut off financially by your spouse and wish to get a divorce, you should contact an experienced divorce and family law attorney who can help you find success in this stressful situation.

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